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College is such an awesome time in life and I enjoyed it! However, when I moved away from the comforts of campus living and started apartment life I was hungry! I was eating fast food and cooking really strange things that didn't taste good. I decided I was going to start cooking and that I was going to be good. With the help of my amazing parents, Grandmothers, and willing taste tester fiance, I learned A LOT! I've been cooking for about 4 years now and just this year I decided to keep up with what I've been making. I have many more recipes that I haven't posted to blog but I like the pictures and thought process of blogging and sharing complete recipes.

The second aspect of my blog coincides with my love to travel! I love experiencing new things and I can't wait to travel more in the future and continue to experience new cuisine. I have learned a lot from traveling without my parents and if I can spare anyone the agony by sharing my experience I will always post travel tips and experiences.  

If you all ever have any recipe request or questions feel free to comment or e-mail! Also do keep in mind that if you try my recipes, I will feature you and your pictures on my blog. Thanks for checking out my blog and your support. Special thanks to my parents for being who you are and helping me become who I am!

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