Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Truffles

The air is filled with pumpkin spice lattes and Starbucks has their red cups so it must be that time of year again. I've literally become addicted to making these things with any batter I can get my hands on. So far I've done oreos, key lime, and now pumpkin spice. I'm sure there will be more this holiday season. I bought box pumpkin spice cupcake mix and added some spices of my own. You only need a few ingredients for this delicious desert.

1. Cake Mix or Cake Batter with Pumpkin Spice
    (All spice, Nutmeg, Cinnamin)
2. Cream Cheese (Fat Free)
3. Almond Bark or Candy Coating
4. Sprinkles (optional)

1. Mix cake batter with additional spices.
2. Bake Cake according to Box instructions. (To make things quicker I baked them in a cupcake tin)
3. Let cake cool and crumble in a bowl.
4. Combine cake crumbles with cream cheese.
5. Roll the combination into 1 inch balls and refrigerate for 20 min.
6. Melt almond bark or white chocolate in microwave or on stove. ( I use a chocolate melter on the stove)
7. Dip cake balls into melted almond bark and cover completely.
8. Add Sprinkles on top and allow almond bark to harden.

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