Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

This was the most grueling process as a first timer but I guarantee I will be good at it the next time. I got a little festive since it is close to Valentine's Day and I'm freakishly festive thanks to my Mother (whom I adore). I cut my pepperonis into little hearts with a mini cookie cutter. I used what excess pep underneath the cheese because I didn't want to waste it. Above are my cookspirations. These women taught me almost everything I know and continue to do so over the phone while I'm away for Grad School. I wouldn't love cooking without them. Look at my Grandma's very festive Valentine's Day shirt. Now about our little friend the Cauliflower. MESSY!! Very very messy. My advice to anyone that tries this recipe goes as follows.

a.) If you want to process cauliflower rice with a cheese grater, it does not work well and it is totally messy. However, if you prefer this method, leave the stems ON and use that as a handle while you grate. You won't need to use much of the stem so it works better that way.
b.) Get the cauliflower rice as dry as possible. Excess moisture makes it hard for your crust to bind.
c.) Wet paper towels cleans up excess cauliflower the best.

Pizza toppings of choice
    Turkey Pepperoni 
1/3 c Mozzarella Cheese
1 jar or half a jar of Pizza Sauce
One head of Cauliflower
1 T Italian Seasoning
1 egg

Cauliflower Rice Instructions: (skip if you know how to prepare rice)
1. Remove leaves and stems from the cauliflower.
2. Cut cauliflower into florets ONLY! (unless you're going to use a grater) Too much stem will not process fully.
3. Allow Cauliflower to  dry COMPLETELY. (I left mine dry while I worked out for an hour)
4. After it is dry, put it into your food processor and process until the cauliflower looks like rice. You may also grate the cauliflower florets if you don't have a processor but leave the stems on.
5. Put the rice into a microwave safe bowl and microwave for about 5-7 minutes. My lid popped off as expected but no mess.
6. Place the rice into a tea towel or clean dish towel and squeeze the water out. I suggest letting it cool before squeezing because the water will be hot.
7. After the rice is dry, place it back into the bowl and proceed with step 2 below.

1. Prepare Cauliflower rice.
2. Combine egg, seasoning, and 1/3 c cheese with cauliflower rice.
3. Flatten rice, thinly, into a crust like shape either circular or square.
4. Bake at 450 degrees for 15-20 min or until crust is golden brown and hard.
5. Take out the crust and add toppings: 1.) Sauce 2.) Cheese 3.) Optional toppings
6. Turn off oven and now broil on high for about 10 minutes or until cheese is melted.
     (this part happens fast so keep a check on your pizza, I burned mine the first time)
7. ENJOY!!!!!


Jane Sarchet said...

This little pepperoni hearts are too cute :)
Janie x

Ashley Thompson said...

Thanks Jane!!!

Leanna Harter-Geer said...

Cute! We love caulirice :) we eat it on its own, as "fried rice", into fake breadsticks, etc. It's great and super quick! We did cauliflower crust pizza a few times, too, but since then I've found a different primal pizza dough recipe we like better. Super cute pepperoni hearts!

Ashley Thompson said...

Thanks Leanna!!!