Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to make a perfect Omelet

I love Omelets. I usually load mine with tomatoes and spinach but since I made this one for my boyfriend it is quite meaty and cheesy. Here are my tips for getting a perfect omelet every time. This particular Omelet is his favorite combo of salami, ham, and cheese.

3 Eggs for a medium skillet.
     (2 eggs for a small skillet.)
Salt & Pepper (to taste)
Preferred Toppings- Meat, cheese, or veggies (chopped preferred)
Vegetable Spray

1. Spray pan WELL so that your egg won't stick and turn on medium heat. Don't turn it on high or your egg will cook too fast.
2. Whip eggs until they are an even consistency. Add seasonings here.
3. Pour eggs into skillet and make sure it covers the entire surface area. This should be a small or medium skillet unless you want a really large omelet.
4. When your Omelet has begun to cook a little bit, add your toppings to one side only of the omelet.
5. When the clear side of your omelet (the one without toppings) is almost completely cooked take your spatula or fork and pull one side over to cover the other. I do this by putting my spatula underneath the clear side then taking my fork or finger and pulling it over.
6. Let the contents melt once your omelet is folded for about 30 second to a minute or whenever you notice it is cooked enough to flip.
7. Flip your Omelet and push down with your spatula to make sure the inside is cooked to your liking. Some people like their eggs runny.
8. After you're sure it is done, flip one more time and serve. 

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